My journey as a photographer is a good example of what passion can accomplish. I started filming in the fall of 2017 out of pure interest. By the following January, I had already shot a lot and dug up all the possible filming and technology information from the internet. The first upgrade of the equipment to professional equipment took place after less than six months of filming, and the year 2018 went along with nature photography when filming several weddings.


Towards the end of 2018, the production of marketing images and videos for companies joined the figure through contacts. Doing various photography projects only inspired me further and the challenge of variety has forced me to develop myself, but also made the work really interesting.


At the center of my filming I like emotion. I want to convey the atmosphere in my images and videos and make a person stop. Often this requires the use of exceptional lighting conditions, but they also reward the photographer in many ways in addition to the images.


My current work is divided from video productions to a wide range of still images, from the production of textual content to social media consulting and a wide range of ideas in the corporate market across Finland.


In addition, I sell printed products in the online store found on these pages. There has been a lot of demand for postcards, annual calendars, nature photo posters and pictures of my pictures of the beautiful landscapes of Lapland. I’m glancing!


Feel free to contact us if your company needs professional image or video material! My ​​working area is mainly Lapland, simply because of the opportunities it offers. However, I am also available all over Finland


Jari “Jarcce” Romppainen


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The work tells the most

Too much talking? Well, that’s just me: D

The video below is a short summary to give you an idea of what I was doing as a videographer.

The pictures tell the best about me as a photographer, so take a look at my pictures on my social media channels, which can be found in the top bar or below the video.